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Have you ever been stuck? 

Stuck with your career, stuck with your relationship, stuck in your walk with God.

I get stuck a lot and so I got to thinking about it and praying about it.  (Eventually I will learn to do those the other way around, pray first, then think, it saves time.) 

I had to go back to the physical part of becoming stuck before I could apply it.

I had a dog.  His name was Phantom and he was a huge Siberian Husky with brown eyes and a perpetual smile.  When he was young we came to visit my mom and dad.  Phantom was outside on a lead line.  During the night he broke the line and went on an adventure, dragging the line behind him.

The next morning I woke up and I went looking for him.  The dread growing in the pit of my stomach as I walked in my socks through grass still wet from the morning mist.  Calling out.  Crying.  Pleading for him to come home.  And I followed my gut.

There was a huge neighborhood to my left and on my right there was only a road, woods, and swamp.

I went right.

I ran down the road in socks and my pajamas.  I would call and call.  But I realized I needed to be quiet so I could hear.  (foreshadow much?)


Still I ran right because my gut told me to.  My instinct.  (God maybe?) 

And finally I heard. And then I saw.

He was stuck.

The lead line had become tangled with some branches and in his desperation to get away he had sunk neck deep into the mud. He was exhausted but he had heard me and he had whined just loud enough for me to hear. (Once I hushed long enough.)

I walked into the swampy marsh, heedless of the snakes, monsters,  or other hidden dangers, to rescue him.

This was over 18 years ago and God reminded me of it this morning and the lessons He wanted me to learn.  (In His time, not in mine.)

I’ll unpack more this week but for today:

1.  Read Proverbs 25 cause it’s the 25th of the month (Only 4 more months till Christmas! YIKES!)

2.  Think about an area of your life that your stuck right now.  Spend some time writing what your “stuck” looks like.

3.  Start your Christmas shopping list.  Here’s a link to help you get started.

4.  Come back tomorrow, there will be more.  🙂



Contest Winner! and Prayers for You.

Posted by Leigh on July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized |

Congratulations to Mandy W for your comment and your entry.  You won the Encouragement Cafe Devotional.  Thank you everyone for leaving comments, links and passing on the website to your friends.  It was wonderful to read how God is working in your life and I pray every day that I am using my words, my voice to point everyone to Him. 

I thought I would do some housekeeping here at the blog since things have been a little crazy lately. 

I am still working on the design.  I have a lot of ideas that I would like to see implemented but I am not sure how to do them so I am teaching myself.  Huge undertaking to say the least. 

She Speaks is now over for 2011 and I am still working through all that I learned and probably will be “unpacking things” for months to come. 

I was able to meet some amazing women, my speaker evaluation group, my coach, Luann Prater, the team from Encouragement Cafe, of course every single one of the Proverbs 31 ladies, Mary Snyder, and many others.  I also had a brief moment with one of my favorite authors who I will write more about this weekend.

I have begun a “One Thousand Gifts” journal and will be working out how to do a “One Thousand Gifts” rolling widget on the blog.  Hopefully I can make it so everyone can add to it. 

I have no story this morning.  No witty point.  I come to you with what has been whispering over and over in my heart.  It is what I spoke on at She Speaks.  So I will just leave this with you today to mull over and ponder and pray about.  Each word of it.  Take in and this weekend do it.  


Psalm 46:10

Be Still, and know that I am God.  I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”


How do you get still?  What do you do? 

How can I pray for you this weekend as I get still? 

My friends, what is on your heart? 

What is making you doubt?  What is making your heart ache for peace? 

Be still.  And Know. 


Leave a comment here or if it’s too personal, write me at leigh at leigh france dot com.  I promise to respond, to pray over each and every one. 

Exalt Him! 

Enjoy for just a few moments the following. 

The Prayer by Celtic Woman





Detours Continued…

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Good morning!  I am excited this morning.  Today my very first devotion is running over at www.encouragementcafe.com .  It’s called Detours Ahead/Detours Behind and obviously, it’s about detours.

When I was working on that devotion I kept thinking back on my life at the detours.   God revealed to me that it was the detours I had not taken that had resulted in my journey.  We are born into a world that says “living for self is right”, that we must focus on ourselves and that what we want is the most important thing.  But that is not true.  I kept my eyes on me for many years.  There were times that I would try to change direction but I could not do it by myself and I was too ashamed of what I had done in order to ask for help.

The 20 years that I mentioned in my devotion at Encouragement Café encompassed an abortion, two failed marriages, struggling with addictions, and countless victims of my selfishness littering the road of my life.

But God.

Scripture says, “and a child will lead them” and my daughter did.  She was my DETOUR, DO NOT ENTER, CAUTION, ROUGH ROAD AHEAD sign that God put up in front of me.

I would do for her what I did not feel I deserved for me.

She was worthy of a heavenly Father.  She was good and pure and innocent and she needed to have a relationship with God.  She was the detour that put me on my knees praying for her.  The detour that turned my direction back to church so that she could attend and learn.  The detour that forced me, praise God, to change my direction and begin to follow Him.

God used my daughter and the encouragement of the man I now call my husband (WH) to get us off the broken road.  I promise my friend, even though it’s not easy, even though I still make mistakes, the journey now, the view, the scenery, and what I am learning along the way, it is worth making the detour.

Prayer:  Dear Father, Thank you for constantly offering your lost and hurting children an opportunity to take a detour and follow You to safety.  I pray for my friends that are reading this Father that you will give them eyes to see the direction that they are traveling and if it is a road that is filled with danger and going in the wrong direction that You Father will guide them to where You would have them go.   Thank you for all you have given each of us God, the realized and the unrealized.  Your mercy and love restores every life to one of beauty and perfection in You Father.  Thank you.  Amen.

I will be giving away a copy of Encouragement Café’s Devotional “At His Feet”.  If  you leave comment, you will be entered, if you pass along the link on your Facebook or Twitter page and leave a comment telling me, you will also be entered.  The contest closes tonight so pass the word.   Thank you for stopping by.

Thank you my friends.  This trip is going to be amazing.  Journey with me.

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