Our Financial Peace University Journey (Week 1)

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WH and I started Financial Peace University last week.  For anyone who is not familiar with this program, Dave Ramsey created it after he experienced financial challenges including bankruptcy and losing everything he had .  He understands and uses common sense approaches in order to help people obtain financial peace.

Dave states that a couples #1 argument is over money.  WH and I were the exception to the rule.  We never argued about money.  The reason we never argued about money was because we never talked about it.    

We got paid, the bills were paid most of the time, and the tithe was paid… sometimes, and if we wanted to do something, we did it, sometimes and then the end of the month would come and we would stress and pray that nothing major would happen because there was no money.  No savings, no rainy day fund.  This caused a lot of emotional stress…until the next paycheck and the cycle would start all over again.

Reaching Financial peace, like many things we do that are life changing, requires a journey.  We do not just wake up and have peace.  It requires a trip.  On trips, there will be obstacles to overcome, challenges that you were not prepared for, and surprises around the corner.  WH and I have experienced many of those and this journey has just begun.  It is exciting, but I must warn you, it is hard.

WH and I agreed that the first and most important part of our journey was being sure we were being obedient to God.  Our tithe.  People get so weird when you talk about tithe.  Do you tithe on the net or gross, do you tithe on gifts, etc?  You know what you are supposed to do.  Give to God first.  Do not make it difficult.  We set up through our church to automatically take out our tithe every week.  It is done first and we budget with what remains.  We do not have to think about it, we do not run into the temptation of using it for other things.  God gives us everything and only ask for a pittance in return.  The least we can do is return to Him what He asks for. 

The next step for DH, DD and me was to sit down and dream.  I have been with my husband over 9 years and we had never shared our dreams.  Yes, the silly dreams, “if we win the lottery…” (Redneck retirement fund), and the ambiguous, I wish we could _______ dreams.  But we never sat down and said okay, honest, what makes your heart smile, what do you dream about, what do you want more than anything besides world peace, a cure for cancer, and Colonel Sander’s secret recipe? 

And we shared our dreams.  I found out my husband had wanted something since he was 10-years-old.  He had a secret dream he had never told anyone.  No, I am not going to tell you either, that is for him to say, but it broke my heart that I never knew.  Then it made me excited when we started talking about how we could make it come true, together, and his dream became our dream and we took a step closer together and took a step further on our journey. 

We followed FPU suggestions and wrote down those dreams.  It’s will take a while, but it’s a lot easier to pass by Starbucks, forgo the pizza on Friday night, and not buy those super cute shoes, when we are all on board with our dreams and we are working towards a bigger goal. 

That was just the first week and I have so much more to tell you.  There were lots more ah-ha moments this past week, but I am out of time for now and you probably need to go get more coffee.  Thanks for stopping by for a few minutes and spending some time with my pixels and me. 

If you are interested in Financial Peace University there is a link on this page that will take you to Dave Ramsey’s site.  Dave Ramsey does not know me, does not read my blog, and I do not get any props from him or FPU.  I just believe in what he does and wanted to share. 

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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