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The people that have come and gone from my life, most of them I still consider friends, but perhaps there are different levels of friends. 

There are associates, acquaintances, people you only see “in passing” and people you stop and have coffee with.  But then there are those friends that you see more as family.  Your heart hurts when their heart hurts, you truly celebrate their accomplishments and if you are a believer, you do more than just say you will pray for them, you really do. 

Social networking can sometimes undermine those relationships but it can also build them up.  Much like every other object, it’s how we use that makes it either detrimental or beneficial. 

The A2Z blogging experience has already been a lot of fun and we are just now winding down week 1.  I have had an opportunity to “meet” some new people and read some great writing.  I have connected with a few people on Twitter and a couple of those connections might forge into new friendships.  But it is something that will have to be intentional on both our parts.  It’s not something I can just take for granted and expect to happen on it’s own.  

I have friends that I haven’t seen in 10 or 20+ years.  We have history together.  One is in New York living out his dream that we talked about as kids.  The other is in Arizona with a wonderful husband and son and a beautiful home.  Both I know, without a doubt, could walk into my home tomorrow and we could sit down with a glass of wine and good bread and cheese and talk until the early morning hours.  Friends. 

The other side of that are the people I know that are minutes away.  We have history and I care tremendously about them, but either because of hurt feelings or misunderstandings never cleared up, they have chosen to go through life without me.   It’s okay but it still hurts and I mourn the relationship that was.  Perhaps one day that will change, but I still consider them friends. 

So how are you investing in the people that you know?  Are you spending time?  Are you calling?  Are you setting time aside to talk face to face?  Or do you “like” their facebook status, repin a pin on pinterest, and retweet a comment they made and feel justified?  Just something for you to think about this coming week.  Wanna go have coffee? 

Brought to you by A2Z…and the letter “F”



  • Sherry Gloag says:

    Freindships are funny things and I so agree with you about the ones you may never see for years and yet when you meet up you can take up where you left off all those years ago.

  • Teresa says:

    Deep friendships for me are not lifetime things. It’s probably my fault. I’ve always found friends in my family.

    Great post.

  • Francene says:

    I have a great friendship with my husband. Apart from that, I left my friends behind in Australia when I immigrated to England. I worked hard during my 40s through to my 60s. By the time I retired, I’d lost the chance to make new friends. The internet is a blessing to me in that I can contact real people anywhere in the world, and offer my love and support.

  • Lovely post. There are so many different levels of friendships one can be involved in. I think you have to appreciate your friends be them physically there or virtual friends who you only know via the internet. Each one of them should bring some kind of joy in your life.

  • Cindy Dwyer says:

    Social media sure has changed the definition of friend. Of course, I enjoy the close physical friendships I have where we get together and “hang out” or do something fun. But, I’ve made deeper connections through my writing with people I may never meet in person, but who love and support me. And vice versa.

  • notes4neta says:

    Great post! I think there are friends for different seasons of life. They come into my life and I into theirs for a certain purpose and for a certain time. Then circumstances change, and the friendship changes. There are also those who are close,lifelong friends. Two of my best friends are my sisters– I am so blessed!

  • Laura Barnes says:

    I have great friends I haven’t spoken to in years and other great friends I’ve only met online. So true that they come in all forms.

    Laura B Writer

  • HerDarlingDaughter says:

    This is amazing, Mom, and I’m not bias (contrary to popular belief). You know what all I’ve been through with different friendships and the honesty you’ve shown in this post makes me thankful that I have you as my mom. Thank you. Loves and kisses! <3

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